Designed by Engstrom Design Group, STEM Kitchen and Garden boasts a modern, open kitchen and offers a variety of seating options to take advantage of the restaurant’s wide bay views, including a large heated terrace, garden plaza, and fire pits. 

STEM is overseen by Bon Appétit Management Company, the Palo Alto-based food service pioneer. In keeping within Bon Appétit’s company-wide standards, dishes at STEM feature seasonal local produce, humanely raised meat, certified cage-free shell eggs, and seafood that meets Monterey Bay Seafood Watch sustainability guidelines.

Produce grown in the garden is regularly incorporated into the menu, highlighting the emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients. A bocce ball court is available for guests on a first-come-first served basis. 

A paid parking garage is located below Stem Kitchen and Garden. Entry to the garage is accessible using the driveway located on the South side of the 499 Illinois building where Stem is located. Garage rates are $1 every 20 minutes. Entry into the garage closes at 6pm, but guests can exit anytime.